Blocked Drain Services

If there’s one problem homeowners want to avoid, it’s a blocked drain.  Al that unpleasant mess, returning to the house when it can’t flush away - it’s not a nice experience!

But it does happen.  If you find yourself on the receiving end of a blocked drain problem, then you want someone who is an expert in it to handle the issue.  We offer comprehensive blocked drain services across the area to help deal with those problems and handle the issues they create.

We are here for emergencies when you need help quickly.  Simply give us a call and we can arrange to be with you to sort the problem or at least to stop the leak until the cause of the blockage can be found.

As well as dealing with blocked drains, we also help with ones suffering issues that might end up leading to a blockage.  That means if you hear strange noises from a sink, gurgling from a plug hole or notice the water is slowly draining away, it is worth getting in touch.  We can look at the problem and put a solution in place before the worst happens and the drain completely blocks, leading to all that unpleasantness and mess.

Contact Strathclyde Drainage to discuss your requirements.


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