Drain Installation

As well as Drain Repairs and specialist pipe renovation projects, Strathclyde Drainage Solutions can also carry out new drainage installations. Whether simply re-routing an existing drain run or installing a complete new drain, we have the ability and knowledge to meet your requirements. In certain circumstances we can also give expert opinions and advice on the best way round certain problems that arise when planning such projects.

Possible reasons for new drains:

Creating a new en-suite in a different part of a house.
Extending a property to include a new kitchen or bathroom.
Extending a property where the current drains are in the way or wrong location.
Re-routing a new drain as the cost of repairing the existing drain is proving too expensive due to location.
Installation on septic tanks, interceptors, channel gullies or road gullies.
Installation of land / garden drainage.

Drain Repair

Broken drain and pipe work excavation

Sometimes excavation is the only way to fix a problem, we minimise disruption using fault finding technology like CCTV drain inspection and sonde locators, so only one excavation is required that hits the right spot first time. Once the drain is excavated it's a simple task to carry out repair works on major blockages or breaks of any kind and everything get put back and reinstated as neatly as possible.

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