CCTV Inspections

Very often when simple drain blockages and drainage problems occur, after clearing and relieving the suspect drain we are asked to perform CCTV (close circuit television) surveying on a section of pipe or part of the drain system. In order for us to diagnose and subsequently rectify a problem drain we need to establish what exactly is causing the blockage and subsequent problems in our customer's house or property.

Using our high quality camera equipment, we can feed the camera down the drain line mapping the length of the drain, noting branches and other lines joining the drain and also identifying via monitor the cause of the blocked or charged drain.

From the monitor, we record where necessary this information so that our customer has video evidence of the problems occurring. This is valuable information and is most often used in diagnosing drains that block on a more regular basis. This information is also compiled with a full site report, survey depths and our recommendations along with a free quotation if desired.

Pre-Purchase Drain Surveys

Mortgage lenders are increasingly insisting on a pre-purchase drain inspection before offering a mortgage to prospective purchasers but, even when not stipulated, it makes sound financial sense for the purchaser to commission their own survey.

It is worth bearing in mind that if you do not commission a pre-purchase drain survey, any problems discovered after you move in may not be covered under your insurance.

If there is a problem, repairs can be expensive. However, if those problems are revealed during the course of the survey it may be possible to negotiate the cost of repair off the property purchase price.

All our drain survey reports are presented in clear jargon-free English and are, of course, accompanied by DVD footage of the inspection and a drain layout plan. Estimates for any work which may be required are free.

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