Common Plumbing Emergencies

There are a few common plumbing emergencies that affect homes across the UK. Some of these can be prevented if spotted early but others simply speak upon us.

The top of the list of common issues is blocked pipes.  This happens when there is too much of a certain substance (usually fat, oil and grease) in the water.

If left to build up for any length of time, then it can also obstruct drains that link into your main pipework under the house. Common issues with toilets are blocked urinals caused by items like nappies or sanitary towels being flushed down them, which is a very bad idea.

Also if you have an older toilet that doesn’t use water for flushing, then it may be possible to put things like nappies or wipes in there with the lid closed and not realise when they get stuck. It might take some force of will but make sure you actually check the toilet before using it.

Another common problem is that of burst pipes and faulty plumbing, particularly when dealing with outside taps. Pipes that aren't well insulated often crack or break in cold weather, so you should always wrap them in insulation before the temperature drops.

A few things that homeowners often forget are blocked sinks or basins, which may be down to hair becoming entangled around the plughole. A blocked toilet is also something that happens, but once again the solution is to check your loo before flushing!

Last of all (but probably most common), there are leaks.  These can be caused by any number of things in the home so it’s always good to have a professional take a look when you suspect one.

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