Drain Excavation

Drain excavation is a last resort when all other methods of handling a drain problem have been exhausted.  It is the step taken when everything else has been tried or cannot solve the problem because it is more costly and disruptive than other systems.

However, there are times when drain excavation is the only solution.  Sometimes the problem is so severe that the only way to handle it is to access it.  More often, the problem is that the drainpipes are so old that they need replacing or tree growth has caused damage that cannot simply be repaired.  In these situations, drain excavation is the only solution.

If this is the only option, then we will start with a site assessment.  This is aimed at looking where the excavation is needed to ensure it is as accurate as possible – we don’t want to dig a hole if we don’t need to or in the wrong place. 

Then we can start the work with as little disruption as possible.  We can fix the problem and fill in the hole, restoring things as best as possible.  This ensures the drains are in top working order once more and the area around them is in top condition.

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