Radiator Replacement Service

Replacing a radiator in your home is potentially a simple job but is also one that can go wrong in a number of ways – and lead to a lot of mess!  That’s why we offer a radiator replacement service so we can do the work for you.

For starters, one of the biggest problems when replacing a radiator is that it doesn’t match up with the existing fittings.  This can mean you need to replace or upgrade the fittings in order to add the new radiator – and this is definitely a job for the professionals.

If the fittings are like for like, then the radiator change can start.  We always check that the wall behind the radiator is in good condition when we remove it – if there are cracks or crumbling plaster, this might need to be fixed first.

The radiator needs to be cut off from the heating system to ensure no hot water is sent to it then bleeding it removes the water that is already inside.  At this point, it is safe to remove the radiator and to look at fitting the new one.  The pipes can be reconnected, and the water supply turned back on.

If you need one or more radiators replacing in your home, don’t put the stress of the job on yourself and instead give us a call to handle it for you.

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