Regular Drain Maintenance – The Benefits

It can be easy to forget about your drains, hidden underground.  Until something goes wrong and what should have gone down the drains ends up back in the house!  That’s why it can be a good idea to have regular drain maintenance – the benefits make it definitely worth adding to your jobs list.

For starters, by regularly cleaning drains you can ensure they work at their best, allowing faster and more efficient drainage.  Water will flow away rather than standing which is a cause of bad smells.

Another cause of bad smells is when debris blocks the drains and bacteria starts to breed on this, causing foul smells.  Mould can also grow in damp spots and the spores can float up the drains to other parts of the house. 

Regular maintenance can also help to prevent bigger problems such as corrosion of the pipes due to debris building up or cracks leading to leaking drains.  That’s because they will spot these problems and allow steps to be taken to remedy the underlying problem.  This can also help to extend the lifespan of the drains by ensuring they are in top condition.

By having drains regularly checked, you can ensure they work at top capacity to allow water to flow.  You can reduce the chance of serious problems such as drains backing up into the house, leaking or causing other issues.

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