Saniflo Plumbing Solutions

Saniflo plumbing systems are designed to pump wastewater away from a fixture, such as a toilet, sink, or shower, to a drain or sewer. The compact size of Saniflo units makes them ideal for installations in small spaces, such as under a sink or in a motorhome.

Saniflo systems use hydro-air technology to move water through the system. A pressure switch turns the pump on when water is detected and turns it off when the job is done. Saniflo toilets have a macerating action that grinds waste into small pieces before it is pumped away, so there is no need for a large septic tank.

Saniflo plumbing solutions are available in multiple configurations to meet the needs of any installation. Whether you need to pump wastewater up or down, Saniflo has a system that will get the job done.

Here at Strathclyde Drainage, we are experts at installing Saniflo systems and this means we can help you get the benefits of this specialist system in your home. We can install toilets and full bathroom systems where gravity isn’t working for you to ensure you have what you need.

Contact us today to find out more about Saniflo, how it works and to get a free quote for your home to see if it is the right solution for your problems.


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