Tree Roots & Blocked Drains

When you think about things that cause blocked drains, there's a focus on stuff like debris from the kitchen, paper towels or something the kids flushed by accident.  But a common threat to them happens where you can't see it - underground.  The threat comes from tree roots and blocked drains are frequently caused by them.

The issue with tree roots is that they grow near the drain pipes then start to put pressure on them and even create cracks that they grow into.   The roots can easily penetrate the pipe walls and then grow horizontally into other pipes.  This leads to clogs that cause backups in your drains, taking them out of commission until they're unclogged or replaced entirely.

Plus you can't see the problem because it all takes place underground.  This means you often won't know there's an issue with tree roots blocking or breaking your drains until you realise there's a leak.

If the tree roots are causing your drains to be blocked, this is what our team would recommend that you do:  

  • Clear out debris like leaves and other organic matter from around your drain inlets (where water flows into them)
  • Make sure no trees or bushes are touching the drain
  • Make sure no earth is covering the top of your drains
  • Remove any tree roots that are growing near or into your drains.

Our CCTV drain survey equipment allows us to make a regular check of your drains to see if there are issues with tree roots.  We can then deal with any problems before they become major issues for you.


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