Winter Drainage Problems

Drainage problems are most likely to hit during the winter.  This is when the most pressure is on the system with the frequent rain, snow melting or icy conditions.  Plus with the debris left from the autumn, blocked drains are far more common.

To handle your winter drainage problems, the best idea is to have a regular inspection.  Our services are designed to help spot those common problems and ensure that the chances of a winter breakdown are reduced.  We can check drains in the house and even use CCTV systems to check outdoor drains if you think there is a problem or just want the reassurance.

Whatever problems we might find, we can then handle it for you.  Our services cover everything from a slightly blocked drain to a full scale drain breakage due to tree roots that need excavation.  We are happy to take on any job, large or small or simply to check that things are working well.

Contact us today if you are worried that winter has caused drainage problems or if you want a comprehensive check before the winter season comes along.  Don’t leave it until a real problem causes real effects for your home - contact Strathclyde Drainage today!


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